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About us

Unitary Corporate Group is a multinational company. We are one of India's fastest-growing multinational company in India, operating in a variety of highvalue sectors including energy, power, Information Technology, Social media, E-commerce, Retail, Investment, Tour and Travels, Cosmetics & Personal care.

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Unitary Corporate Group is at the vanguard of corporate leadership, traversing the future with tenacity and inventiveness. The company stands as a beacon of success, continuously paving the path to prosperity. The company’s journey has proved that success is not merely a destination but a continuous odyssey of innovation and Growth.

Our Diverse Portfolio

  1. Energy & Power
  2. Information Technology
  3. Social Media
  4. E-commerce
  5. Retail
  6. Investment
  7. Tour and Travels
  8. Cosmetics & Personal Care

Let us discover the numerous opportunities that the Unitary Corporate Group Family brings for us. Joining our hands together, let us give a new direction to the future along with unraveling the unimaginable prospects of our conjoined excellence. We, at the Unitary Corporate Group, cordially invite you to the world of never-ending possibilities.

Our Mission & Vision


We are on a voyage towards becoming global leaders in high-value sectors. With continued success and progress, we strive to retain the trust of our customers/clients. We also look forward to carving out products, that make a difference in society.


We care about developing products that add value to people’s lives. It is a team job for all people of goodwill. With a vision of world domination in the high-value sector, we work tirelessly with integrity, passion, and conviction to become one of the major multinational corporation in India. We are delighted with everyone we meet for embracing our positive attitude, acknowledging their skills, and working together to make the world a better place.

Chairman's Message

As the chairman of Unitary Corporate Group, I take immense pride in the organization. From the initial day of initiation till today, we have dedicated to ongoing technological progress in response to changing times. Thanks to our capacity to adapt to changing technology while keeping the specific needs of our valued clients/consumers at the forefront of the company's priorities.

For me, progress was never a dream. It has always been a faraway reality if one goal is met, another is set to be reached. I, like many entrepreneurs who pursue their aspirations, have always aspired to propel my company to greater success. I've always thought of my company as a unit, capable of making a difference through quality and creativity.

Without question, we have the people and resources to guide this organization into a bright future. We have come thus far thanks to the hard work, devotion, and determination of the staff that runs this organization. We have won the trust and respect of industry heavyweights, and I am convinced that we will continue to develop in our efforts to transform this firm into one that provides value and satisfaction to our ever-expanding list of valued clients/consumers.

We have a clear vision for expanding on our strengths and achievements while adhering to our core values. The company's journey never ends. However, with the backing of my team and clients/consumers, I am convinced that the company will continue to scale milestones of excellence for years to come.

Debendra Lenka
Chairman of Unitary Corporate Group